Yeah, we're a band, but first of all we're family. I grew up with my brother, Aaron, and my Dad, Steve, in Ocean Beach, California. We soaked up the hippie-flavored beach community much like a pair of old jeans after sitting in some spilled beer. Each of us brings a different perspective to our musical approach which makes the end product awesome and unexpected, just like any good family should be. I hope our tunes make your day a little more upbeat, and stick in your head worse than Rebecca Black. Enjoy.


Aaron - Guitar & Vocals

That's Aaron. Things he spikes: Hair, drinks, well-set volleyballs.

Iceman Playing Volleyball

Tunker - Harmonica

Aka Steve. Tough on dirt and his screaming harmonicas.

Mr. Clean

Justin - Bass Guitar

I'm Justin. I play bass. Would you like to be a bass player too?

Johnny 5 is alive

Randy "The Dr." Jones - Drums

NO TIME FOR LOVE, DR. JONES. (ok, maybe a little)

Cymbal Monkey

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Big Monkey